Influencer Marketing Agreement Template


Influencer Marketing Agreement Template

Special Intro Pricing!

Created by Attorney, Alli Elmunzer (of Influencer legal), The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement is a rock-solid, attorney-drafted contract template that ensures you and your brand are protected and is ready to be signed in less than 10 minutes!

What's included:

    • A fully customizable, detailed, attorney drafted and reviewed contract template perfect for influencers and brands engaging in influencer marketing campaigns;

    • A video tutorial walking you through each and every clause and section in the agreement so you have a full understanding of the document;

    • A beautifully designed, 32-page resource guide detailing every clause for quick reference if a question arises about a certain portion of the agreement;

    • A checklist to make sure you have appropriately filled out all sections of the template before sending it off to be signed; and

    • A completed pdf for reference as to what a finalized agreement should look like.

The legal side of influencer marketing doesn’t have to be scary, overwhelming, or expensive. A contract and services of this scale would cost upwards of $1500 to have drafted by an experienced attorney. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You plan to work with a brand and/or influencer and come to an agreement only for them to ask you to “send over your contract”, one that you don’t have!

  • You quickly have to piece together different parts of contracts you find online and have no idea what the legal terms mean or why you are putting them in your contract.

  • The party you are working with sends over a contract and you have no idea what it means and if it is fair or even protects you.

  • You make influencer marketing agreements over Instagram DM and hope the other party holds up their end of the agreement.

  • You work with an influencer and/or brand, putting in time, money, and effort all to have the other party ghost you without notice.

If you are serious about influencer marketing in your business, you need to stop crossing your fingers and hoping nothing goes wrong and actually take the necessary steps to protect yourself legally.

This agreement is perfect for:
  • Influencers, Brands & Agencies. Remember, the goal of a contract is to be fair to both sides and clearly and accurately define the roles and requirements for each party. This agreement was drafted with those elements in mind and is perfect for influencers, brands and agencies.
  • People who take their business seriously. The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Agreement was created for brands and influencers who are committed to running and growing their businesses and doing so with the right legal protections in place.
  • Smart brands and influencers. This agreement is for smart entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to draft an agreement themselves nor do they have the legal know how to do so but want to run their business like the boss they are.